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You can either make money or make excuses

You'll pay a lot more to see the doctor with Obamacare


Health insurers should thank Obama

Obamacare enrollees have to shell out a lot more to see the doctor or get medications than their peers with job-based health insurance.



High price is a symptom of supply not meeting demand. Instead of increasing supply, ACA is simply a law forcing everyone to buy from the same pool of suppliers. Its true intention is buying votes by putting uninsured onto taxpayers' tab.

Once the bills come in, we can expect to see the same facial expressions from people waking up from too-good-to-be-trues before. Worse yet, it's an implanted time bomb. There's no safe way to take it out without further damage.


Will Hardin

This is a stupid comparison. No one would choose Obamacare over their employee paid option in the first place. What needs to be compared is out of pocket expense when you don't have it vs when you do and the amount those who have insurance are paying for others who have Obamacare vs those that don't.



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Published by , 12.02.2015 at 23:51
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Johnny 1 March 15 15:54 The out-of-pocket costs before any actual coverage kicks in on these policies means that the vast majority of policy holders receive no medical care whatsoever as a result of being forced to purchase these plans. They're no better off than before, except in the case where they have a truly major medical expense. But if catastrophic coverage was the goal, that itself would have been a whole lot cheaper than this fiasco. Text hided expand
Anthony 2 March 15 10:59 if you don't have insurance someone will have to pay more to make up for it Text hided expand
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