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SEC allows marijuana dealer to register stock


SEC allows marijuana dealer to register stock

Commission securities and exchange Commission (SEC) of the USA approved the registration of the shares of the California company Terra Tech, which grows and sells marijuana. This  is the first precedent



The SEC did what was legally required-to paraphrase previous bloggers it neither approved or disapproved of these securities.

The SEC is not a state law enforcement agency.

The history of Weedon speaks for itself. The best rule is buyer beware.


Bret Smith

A marijuana stock is given the green light by the SEC yet other parts of the govt will not even allow the industry to use financial depository institutions for proper management of their cash?

How stupid is that?


Leon Smith

But marijuana is illegal in the eyes of the U.S. government.


Published by Johnny , 30.01.2015 at 21:49
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Tom 31 January 15 08:27 And why not? In America anyone can be bought or sold. Text hided expand
Anthony 31 January 15 09:19 It should be interesting for you to find out who are the owners of the banks, hedge funds, rating agencies and the virulent media, arms industry etc. It could be revealing. Text hided expand
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