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Putin's New Gas Strategy Actually Makes Sense


Putin's New Gas Strategy Actually Makes Sense

When Russia refused the construction of a pipeline to transport natural gas to Europe, which was to be held on the Black sea, and also stated that it redirects the project in Turkey, some observers thought it was a bluff, others saw in statement a sign of financial weakness.

Actually, this change has a great business sense.


R S 

I think everyone should stop buying gas from those barbarians Russians and instead start buying gas from Qatar which is a true beacon of democracy and freedom.



So ok they have 3 years to fix this problem, sounds like a no brainer to me. Get to work building a alternative source ASAP round the clock, but we all know how governments around the world work they wait till the last minute to do things. Instead of taking full advantage of this 3 year advance warning they will wait till the last 6 months then start work on a 3 year project, it's like a person who has a 30 day eviction notice waiting till the last week to look for a new place to live.



This article writer is still blind to the fact that it has become obvious to Putin and even to the entire on-lookers that the business of selling and purchase is not decided by favouritism and sentiment.If europe has other source of getting energy they must have to do irresctive of the decision of Putin/Russia and therefore putin is taking action that best suits him. I had said it over and over that the west blinded by personal acrimony and emotion of self esteem and pride and as a result make mistakes on serious issues. Obama made such mistakes in Syria as soon as the name Bashir Assad is mentioned ,he wants to oppose him at all cost only to end up putting himself into difficulties.



Published by Emily Evans , 23.01.2015 at 22:01
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Anthony 24 January 15 03:19 It's funny how the huge new Nord Stream pipeline, that connects Germany and Russia, is never ever mentioned. Most of North-Western Europe is getting their gas from it. Text hided expand
Henry Plant
Henry Plant 24 January 15 14:59 Since when is Turkey considered a European country? I know that a very, very small part is on the continent but that most certainly doesn't make it a European country. Not by a long shot. Text hided expand
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