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Ukraine economy in free fall - inflation, energy tariffs soar

The east of Ukraine, now ravaged by war, was once the county's industrial powerhouse, but the fighting has destroyed many factories and plants in the region, and left others too dangerous to operate. Inflation's expected to rise to almost 27% this year, the national currency is in free fall, driving workers' monthly wages down to less than 60 dollars. Publisher of the 'Trends Journal' Gerald Celente says the loss of trade with Russia has also dealt a severe blow to Ukraine's economy.

Published by Henry Plant , 20.02.2015 at 23:15


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Richard Stone
Richard Stone 25 February 15 03:36 Hey, this is a Russian Today-channel. A part of modern hybrid-war what russia is doing nowadays. Led by russia, founded by russia. Only purpose is to confuse western peoples. For me this channel is annoying and amusing at the same time. Text hided expand
Rick Westly
Rick Westly 28 February 15 00:07 The trademark stamp of a Western country (and everything America touches) in today's world. Congratulations, Ukraine. You made your dream come true.  Text hided expand
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