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Obama Says That The Economy Is Poised For A Great Year As The Economy Collapses - Episode 596

Greece give proposal to the Eurogroup and Germany turns it down. Initial jobless claims increase in Texas and continued claims increase. Caterpillar sales plummet, company spiraling downwards. Shipping orders slump as the BDI continues to fall. Google warns of US government 'hacking any facility' in the world. Russia and China dumps treasuries. Russia launches their own SWIFT system. Obama says the economy is poised to be great this year. OSCE can't confirm the pullout of heavy artillery. Ukraine wants peace keepers which has not been discussed in the Minsk agreement. Europe wants to open a dialog with Assad to fight ISIS.

Published by Henry Plant , 20.02.2015 at 23:16


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Richard Stone
Richard Stone 25 February 15 03:30 Serious, Putin's Military Needs To Go After The Central Bankers And Dispose Of Them. Text hided expand
Rick Westly
Rick Westly 28 February 15 00:03 I'm pretty involved with shit here in Canada, and I had no idea that this lawsuit against the BoC happened... Jeez. Text hided expand
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