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Ukraine economy 'on the brink'

Ukraine comes under greater economic pressure after unexpectedly banning most currency trading and then abruptly reversing course, wreaking havoc on the hryvnia. As David Pollard, reports the move comes as a truce in the east appears to be taking hold.

Published by Rick Westly , 27.02.2015 at 15:00


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Rick Westly
Rick Westly 27 February 15 23:24 go ahead and be a dipshit racist filthy pig. I am just a regular guy talking to regular people of which you are not one. besides I prefer silver Text hided expand
Henry Plant
Henry Plant 2 March 15 22:28 Like vultures to a carcass the banksters swoop in to rob Ukraine of its sovereignty. At this rate it would be better for Ukraine to surrender eastern territory in exchange for a political settlement. Text hided expand
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