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Why you should buy a used car now

1991 Acura NSX

Strong new car sales in 2014 have grabbed headlines, but if you’re a used car shopper, who cares about new car sales numbers? It turns out that the more new cars that are sold, the lower used car prices will go.



We usually buy new, and drive them until they wear out. Looking at the mileage on most of the used cars for sale, we're not alone. I got lucky on my Wrangler, but only because of an uneducated dealer. They thought the $200 fix I did myself was a major problem. Sadly, our 2004 Monte Carlo SS is at 200K miles. We'll have to bite the bullet soon, but it's been reliable since purchased new. I just wish you could find a good new car without all the electronic crud we neither want nor need. It just inflates the price and adds to the long list of expensive repairs when something breaks.



I don't know where these guys get their info but thats wrong... used car prices are not down and if people bought 38.5 million used cars last year then there is still such a big demand for used the prices will not go down ... I have been doing this for 25 years and good used cars are up even for dealers to buy.... you can buy junk cheap but the good ones are expensive.



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