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Big layoffs planned at eBay

Massive Layoffs Are Reportedly Brewing at eBay Ahead of PayPal Spinoff

EBay begins the massive dismissal of employees through the eBay and PayPal parts of the business.

The cuts will be impacted by 7% of the workforce.



What do those people do, anyway? eBay is nothing but a big online database. They don't have any stock at all. They just facilitate the transfer of stuff from independent sellers to buyers. Why are there any more than 20 people working at eBay proper, doing occasional hardware upgrades?



When stuff like this happens, should we wonder how the organization got that overlarge in the first place?  One in 14 employees is not a lot for a small business that finds out it isn't making money, but large businesses are supposed to obtain economies of scale.


Kris Wurzburger 

Just goes to show no ones job is safe anymore in this economy. It's not like the days of my grandparents when they got the job they were there for 40yrs. I've been laid before in the restaurant biz however I've always been a firm believer in having multiple streams of income and being a part of residual income so luckily after my layoff I was ok. I don't think in today's job market having one stream of income is the safe way. Hopefully these people will get back on their feet and not just become lazy and suck on unemployment


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