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Home Depot looking for 80,000 part-time workers

home depot hiring

Home Depot is going on a hiring spree.

The home improvement retailer said that it has started hiring 80,000 part-time and seasonal workers ahead of its busiest time of the year.



Every low wage employer around me has been hiring or trying to hire for months. The closest Home Depot to me has been so understaffed I'm not sure how they manage to run.



Home Depot home of the illegal alien part-time work force


Samir Sharpe

I am sure that a lot of college grads are going to apply.  Hopefully they will know the difference between a screwdriver and an awl.  Also, the difference between a left-handed hammer and a right-handed hammer.  It will also help during the interview to tell the interviewer that at least two nails need to be used on all four corners of a sheet of wallboard when it's nailed to the wall, and the college grad should also know how long these nails should be.  And how long it takes indoor wall paint to dry as opposed to outdoor deck paint. The  successful candidate will have to field these kinds of questions from customers on the job, and they may have not been covered in the Aztec Feminist Basket Weaving Gender Studies curriculum the candidate pursued during his or her four  years at Columbia.


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