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Obamacare sign ups top 11 million

Obama gets goofy in health care push

About 11.4 million people have signed up for Obamacare coverage for 2015.



Before (and still during) the ACA's enactment, the poor and/or uninsured (and some others) went to the emergency room at their local hospital for treatment. They didn't pay because they either couldn't or wouldn't. The hospital passed their unreimbursed costs on to paying customers (much like any retailer passes on their losses to shoplifting on to their paying customers). These paying hospital customers are mostly insurance companies who then pass on their increased costs to their customers/policy holders in the form of higher healthcare insurance premiums. Where's the disconnect? Everyone paying for healthcare insurance is already (and always has been in modern times) paying for the healthcare of the poor and uninsured, so what's the problem?

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