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Switzerland braces for tougher times after franc jumps in value against euro

The Swiss National Bank in Berne, Switzerland

Swiss people are afraid to remain without work because national currency  is too expensive. Last Thursday the Swiss franc has risen by 30% in value against Euro.

The Swiss are afraid that the business will leave the Alpine country because the cost of their products is growing along with Frank. And buyers in the European Union may refuse Swiss goods.



My serious worry here is that why in the last eight years when a country's money supply has been jacked up, the predicted increase in inflation never followed suit. The only excuse I've read so far is that the extra money doesn't leave the banking system and therefore doesn't get to chase extra good and services. Any comments?



My upcoming ski trip just got more expensive :(



Worst move, great for me! Was I the only one shorting the usd/chf? I literally doubled my account.


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