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What crisis? Kalashnikov's business is booming

kalashnikov russia military

 Kalashnikov is having a good crisis.

"Despite the sanctions, Kalashnikov reported a net profit for the first time in seven years," Kalashnikov general director Alexei Krivoruchko said.



Any military vet or federal arms dealer can tell you the the Kalashnikov is BY FAR the best automatic rifle ever made.  Nothing comes close to this weapon for durability, versatility & sheer toughness.  Best auto-fire ever.


CNN User

Let the Russian trolling begin, glorifying Mother Russia, trying to prove their system and economy is better than the rest of the world's. It is time for kopeika trolls to ask your commissars to change your manual because it gets boring. We've been there, we've done that.


Giovanni Hynson

Russia can't even keeps tabs on own it's Nuclear Stockpile, much less launch a First or Second strike with it's antiquated 386's.  People are constantly stealing their weapons grade material from Russia's unguarded stock piles.


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