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The proven way to retire rich

success investor

Looking for more money for your retirement?

Who isn't? This study reveals that there is one sure-fire way to get it.



Not this article again. Look... for the last time... you cannot be RICH doing the slow-and-steady save-a-little-bit-from-your-paycheck route. You can't. You MIGHT be able to save enough to have a comfortable retirement (it helps if you're one of the 1%ers here on CNNmoney with $200k+ salaries), but not RICH. Anyone that tells you this is not being straight with you. It cannot be done. The rich earn more in a year than you do in your lifetime. The scale isn't funny. Education and Medical continue to spiral out of control pushing the middle class down further. Salaries aren't growing and pensions are no more.

If you want to be RICH, you have to pave your own way. There is no "proven" way to get RICH. This is just an ad for Motley Fool.



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