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Oil gains on Libya violence, Kurdish oil export threat

Oil gains on Libya violence, Kurdish oil export threat

Oil prices rose to their highest in nearly two months on Monday, supported by concerns over escalating conflict with Islamic State militants in Libya and a threat to withhold exports from Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdish region.


Rick Whitney 

Nothing has changed. They just got together to raise prices by the end of the month it will be at $75 but retail gas prices will be back to $4.00. The great oil scam of 2015! and our leaders are in on it. America has been dumbbed down to the point that we are all idiots. Legalized consumer rape



Well how come we are still paying $2.00 + at the pump ??? Crooks in DC and Wall St need a raise or bonus or Bone Us!?!?
Hateocrats need to steal more money from tax payers !?!?



the bounce is caused by calls to counter the puts ( sells) by oil traders to balance any potential losses because no one knows where the bottom is : thats what caused the big sell off


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