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Tesla Is Getting Destroyed

Tesla Model X Detroit 2014

Tesla's stock price fell below $200 a share in trading Wednesday. 

Tesla sales in China were disappointing.The company would not achieve profitability until 2020.



Tesla is a hallow stock. The cars are well made but there is one major problem. They are hugely expensive the cheapest being $90,000 and going upwards of 200,000. I make good money really good money but not that good I can afford to get 40 to 60 thousand dollar car but having a car cost more than a house is it impractical for most except for people like Elon Munsk.. that's the detachment of a billionaire to real people.



Musk has a triad of Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity.
I was in a one-motor Model S when a salesman mauled a helpless Porsche Panamera on the back roads of Palo Alto.
SpaceX, alone, landed a first stage on a ocean barge - even if they were just recycling some metal that first time.
Solar City is the largest US solar energy provider and growing by 80% in some quarters over prior year.
Tesla will hopefully muddle through the BI getting destroyed article.

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