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McDead? More lousy results from McDonald's

Twitter not lovin' new McDonald's ad

McDonald's has notified the disappointing results for the fourth quarter and informed that in the first half of 2015 will be McChallenge.

McDonald's also plans to fix its image.



The food is garbage and families can't afford to go there anymore just so their kids can play in the condiment encrusted indoor play areas.

If you like it, that's fine. But the point of the article is not as many do.



McD's wouldn't do badly to offer a rotating "international" selection on their menus. They already have the recipes: they sell shrimp burgers in Japan, vegetarian and other Indian-inspired offerings in India, spinach and paremesan McNuggets in Italy, gazpacho in Spain, and a host of other specialized items. With America's rapidly expanding palate, I suspect items like this would do well, and some might do well enough to become regular menu items.


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