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Alibaba meets with China regulator, controversial report retracted

Alibaba meets with China regulator, controversial report retracted

The head of China's commerce regulator met with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd chairman Jack Ma on Friday to discuss combating fake products with the two adopting a conciliatory tone after a row over illegal business on the Internet company's platforms.



What I think is happening is that China realizes they need to add some legitimacy to their business practices if they are to stay relevant and competitive as a global manufactuer.

China is no longer the cheapest place to get stuff made. India is knocking on the door. Companies don't want to pay good money for a mass production run, only to realize their manufacturer is selling knock off versions out the back door for pennies on the dollar, or selling the blue prints to a shady supplier down the street.



Alibaba is China's only internationally competetive internet company (and the biggest one at that). I suspect the SAIC ignorantly (and probably arrogantly) made demands that were not feasible and would have forced Alibaba to shut down. I suspect some one higher up slapped the SAIC head on the side of the head.


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