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Tipped workers in New York will get a raise

Walmart to raise pay well above minimum wage

Waiters, bartenders and other tipped workers in New York will get a raise at the end of the year.

The state said Tuesday that it will hike the minimum wage for tipped restaurant workers to $7.50 from $5 an hour on Dec. 31.



I don't see why it should lead to lower tips. It wouldn't lead me to do that. And I think most people don't know how servers are paid. I live in CA and don't know the hourly wage of servers here; when I travel to another state I don't know about the policy there, either. I think this is a fetish of the cynics/critics posting here.

Addendum: I just looked it up.n in CA it is $9, the standard minimum wage. Not going to change the 15%-20% my wife and I typically tip in sit-down restaurants.




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