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Wall Street ties and Elizabeth Warren sink Treasury nominee's chances

Wall Street ties and Elizabeth Warren sink Treasury nominee's chances

Elizabeth Warren  progressives campaigned hard against Antonio Weiss,a Wall Street insider with little consumer protection experience.

The job Weiss at Treasury would include control the implementation of Wall Street reforms and consumer protection measures. He would help shape banking rules that the Treasury Department and other financial regulators must finalize over the next two years.


Gary Bencomo

Elizabeth Warren continues to be one of our few elected officials who is looking out for the American people rather than their next election.



Warren for president!!! Takes no shit from anyone. Has real solutions. Is not hell bent on compromising which has been Obama's biggest problem. Compromising with GOTPers is like a rodent compromising with rattlesnakes.



How does Weiss being a big donor to the democratic party make him a good choice for an appointed treasury official? Why don't we just skip all the B.S. and just post the position up on ebay?


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