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Bill and Melinda Gates want to fix another messy global problem: banking

Bill and Melinda Gates

Bill Gates is betting on mobile payments.He predicts that 2 billion people who are currently not covered by banking services will keep your money and make payments with mobile phones to 2030.



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T Kay 

I'd like to see the Gates Foundation spend more money on solving problems in America, where most of their money came from. And not throw it down the rathole that is Africa, where no amt of money can solve their problems because greedy dictators suck up anything sent there.



Two tax dodging anti-American parasites, once again turn their backs on the country that made them what they are. Including America's millions of poor families, the homeless school children, disabled and homeless vets, who risked their lives for these two ingrates. Then there are the millions of foreign illegal immigrant parasites helped across the border by Bill Gates Anti-American open borders lobbying, now supported by taxpayers. These two creeps should be run out of this country and forced to live in Africa where they belong.


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