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Obamacare is finally hitting employers

obamacare employer penalty

The companies with more low-wage workers will have to make some changes to meet the Obamacare standards.



Good. Time for these companies to ante up good benefits to the people doing the actual work. Enough profit hoarding and offshore tax evasion. Pay up. It's the right thing to do. Done.



All the cries we heard of a shift to part time work thanks to the employer mandate seem to be unfounded, although the next 2 job reports will help to confirm it. BLS Table A-9 reports that full time jobs(35+ hours) were the vast majority of net job growth over the last 12 months(2,531K) while part time jobs experienced a net gain of 301K.



Good job disregarding any evidence, the rest of us will wait for the collective evidence in a few years to state one way or the other.

So why did Obama have to delay the employer mandate implementation until 2016 if it "was never going to happen until 2016" anyway?!? You liberals confuse even yourselves.



Obromneycare rocks.  Works well enough in Massachusetts, even if Romneycare has harsher penalties... look it up, read up what's similar and what's not. 'tis much fun to do.



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