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i'm shockedQatari-led group wins $4 billion battle for Canary Wharf
they have no solution themselves.Obama's $4 trillion budget includes higher taxes on rich and big banks, public works program
If the UK sector gains useful experience of this kind of work, they could be in a position to utilise their expertise globally.Shell declares end of pipeline for Brent oilfield
Lots of profit losses for oil companies still in the pipe..The oil plunge isn't over yet
Almost all companies do this.Apple's timing on bonds
Too little, too lateQE could be too little too late to help Europe’s stock markets
it gets boring.What crisis? Kalashnikov's business is booming
They do have a temporary effect when used in Economic warfare.Russia: How long until the economy cracks?
Why is there not a car simliar that is not a high priced hybrid??2017 Chevrolet Spark: Photos Of Updated Minicar Leaked In Korea
it is completely free and just a bit of fun, so look out for VillaLibra Lucky Numbers if you want to see if you can locate it for yourself.Odds of winning the Powerball jackpot: One in 175,000,000
Here is the positive newsFifty people in the U.S. donated a combined $9.8 billion to charity last year
Hopefully they will know the difference between a screwdriver and an awlHome Depot looking for 80,000 part-time workers
China on the other hand is totally dependent on OPEC oil and should be worried.End of OPEC is closer to reality
why was Germany forgiven for debt after WW2?Greek Finance Minister pledges deep reform after PM rattles markets
if you don't have insurance someone will have to pay more to make up for itYou'll pay a lot more to see the doctor with Obamacare
So figure this out. Oil is running out our ears, yet the price is going up. Has nothing to do with Europe. speculators most likely. Why we can't end such fluctuations is bafflingOil tops $60 for first time in 2015; oversupply persists
I think we're in investing blue waters for at least a decade. We will get cyclical bears and bulls within this.Greed is back! S&P 500 sets new record high
what we had before was a joke now obamacare is a joke the only thing left to try is single payer. why are we fighting it?Obamacare enrollment's race to the finish
Excuse after excuse on raising oil prices. They way gas prices have jumped over the small increase the past two weeks, we will be back to $4 before you know it. It's all manipulation in one form or another, never ending.Oil gains on Libya violence, Kurdish oil export threat
Is that really different than accounts that have service fees for this or that?Banks are supposed to pay savers, right? Not this one
Obamacare enrollment up. The economy much improved. The GOP must be hating life.Obamacare sign ups top 11 million
How long before Buffet inserts his socialistic views into what FOX, one of the few conservative news oulets, broadcasts. I wonder if he is a cohort of Soros and the Illuminati.Warren Buffett picks up stake in 21st Century Fox
There is snow and blizzards pretty much every year. The article makes it sounds like snow and cold is a fluke or something.Blizzard mania costs U.S. over $1 billion
So demand isn't strong enough to justify his company's level of production and.... this is considered a new economic principle, why?Cheap oil killed this CEO's $14 million job
10% of $8.3M is $830K, not $83K as is currently stated. Pretty cool of Reddit.Reddit is donating 10% of its revenue to charity

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